LMTF Podcast Episode 7: Robot Spouses

This week, we discuss the prospect of robot spouses. Recorded 2 July 2017.


Humans Marrying Robots? Experts Say It’s Really Coming Tessa Berenson, Fortune, 26 Dec 2016

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Let’s make the future.


WAIT WHAT Oh yes hi yeah recording is on we get started.

Let’s make the future a discussion about future trends technology and their implications for human society.

Let’s introduce ourselves I’m Michael Curry I was raised in Canada and I enjoy computer programming planning new businesses and discussing historical events and future trips I mean.

I’m entrepreneur.


I’m happy.

That you know I’m a professional so slim pickens just perfectly placed the music against my name well.

I’m interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation. And that’s what it’s really about some two billion people in the world My name is hosting quality at your from your arm part of believing in Michigan through my medical technology your part and then as well as you. Oh wow that’s a new what OK.

If he know something we don’t this week future trend discussion topic.

One future trend that is maybe worth mentioning right now is technological unemployment when all of us may cease to be defined by our jobs in the next ten or twenty years because there will be no jobs for humans left and in such a world I feel like we’ll have to introduce ourselves in a different way we can no longer identify ourselves by our jobs but instead by our interests and what I notice is we’re already a little bit embedded in the future because. Most of us in our introductions introduce ourselves using our interests and not our occupations or our nationalities or anything like that so I think that’s a really positive thing maybe it’s a sign that we’re in the vanguard Well I can agree more with you Michael actually there’s a famous book about it Graner’s if you heard of it I mean this teacher.

And basically made some bad you and some digging there was that they use their right I mean here you’re exactly so that they can create content read and crunching data that we all go on with computers and all right so with that what is our topic today though our topic today is robotic houses which can be formed either from an ark if you show intelligence or know we or it could be as a robot to enter the coke body all right to get us started I can quote from an article in Fortune by Tessa parents and this was published about six months ago humans marrying robots experts say it’s really coming if you were rooting for delirious and William to make it on West world just wait a few more decades and their relationship may be able to exist in real way because a few experts say marriage will be legal between humans and robots by two thousand and fifty at a conference last week I guess this is in December two thousand and sixteen called Love and Sex with robots at Goldsmith University in London David Levy author of a book on human robot love made the bold prediction and while some other experts were skeptical many experts did support Levy’s idea that may seem outrageous because it’s only thirty five years way but thirty five years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous until the one nine hundred seventy S. some states didn’t allow people of different races to marry each other society does progress and change very rapidly and short pointed out that there could be some real advantages to robot relationships a lot of human marriages are very. Happy he said compared to a bad marriage a robot will be better than a human so what do you guys think I even comment about marriage been a year marriage I immediately think overwrites I’m going to think oh economy and financial company cations So first thing comes to my mind do robots have rights in the future you know I think if I want to jump a man who writes Conway and still do it do you ascribe a snide seats to robots and that way they have the whole institution and to be held responsible for you know the actions and so on that show you can talk about rights without leaving some kind of limitations to that so you robust I’ve been to a point where I think an exciting way to be some measure of such in seems to be I believe you and you know it so that boy then she robots cannot be able to pull you off the whole maybe a single program to robots possible the robots X. So it’s very interesting you know to say humans with my robots but I think it’s going to be possible but to what extent I would define the limitations of it’s it will still be something that will people it’s in the future so Michael when you say that robots should be held responsible for their actions I wonder who it is that we’re holding responsible because if I manufacture a robot that’s designed to kill people on purpose then me the inventor should be held responsible presumably so I wonder at what point is it the robot that’s being legally held responsible and at what point does the inventor or the designer of the robot that is held responsible yes I do. That I mean it’s a basic big behavior right now my bit cynical costs for me to set down he said OK you know robots because if we some extent begins to program free will into complete a lot of ways and how robots yet they only find a way. You’ve got to establish your rights that restaurants but I wonder if it only makes sense to say that a robot has rights when it has responsibilities so I like the way that you’ve paired the two together it doesn’t make sense to say you have rights to live in society to vote or to do other things unless you also are held accountable to the laws of society so it makes sense and I suppose it does depend on our ability to program some kind of agency or free will as you say into these intelligences and I wonder if we can pull it back though to robot spouses again because in the case of a robot spouse presumably they’ve been programmed to love a specific human so I wonder about the morality of programming a robot in such a way that they’re sort of tied to a given person like we would think it would be terribly immoral to you know brainwash a woman into loving a certain man for example so how is it right to do that to a robot to force them basically into a relationship that they didn’t consent to or are we thinking that we’d have to have these robots you know consent to these marriages in which case I feel like the market is going to be far less comprehensive I want to add actually to prime the first.

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Them Right that’s the point consider I really agree with what you just said above that juxtaposition of monogamy and quick I mean it’s interesting how we immediately think of adding one single partner with a single or Obama gets honest it’s a biased yellow hat like why would we have this one.

Let’s have them all to well they’re right. Although it’s different applications just as we have a lot of this an application going out solves Exactly yeah I suppose one of the most compelling things about dating robots is that they don’t complain when you do bad things to them right so you could cheat on your robot spouse and there’s no attendant moral consequence or you know you’re not doing anything wrong if the robot doesn’t care right if you programmed it not to care if to program it to care then they have much better Abdelhadi too many played Africa they know about our personality trait and behavior they really even taking our reactor communicate with us in a way that they come right as well this is really fascinating what you’re saying party there But first Daniel when you comment house is wondering right now we are already talking about specifics but can we first take a step back and really ask ourselves what a stall was or to be a spouse what does that mean. Is that possible in which waste like properties of a spouse that a robot would need to go for example because what you’re saying about like having multiple causes or like it having a role what it is also doesn’t want to cheat kind of implies that the robot doesn’t care about you for example I feel like this LOT of one of the first things of what I think of our partnerships as reality meeting that’s I would not be enough for you to love the role but also for the role to love you for example and so that’s something that I see critical and I’m really wondering what you either thinking or the most important traits of a spouse.

To hear me where you just said that honestly sometimes we want our partner to be jealous and that’s an indication of how much they care about us so that would be a definitive difference between a friends for benefits and Ameri call a robot for benefits interesting yeah I feel like a robot does need to eat to feel like the robot loves you to have a compelling experience that’s a good point and to experience that love you may need to see the robot act jealous etc But I do want to point out that I think we overestimate our complexity in thinking that the robot will need to be super complicated in order to convince a human that you know it loves it I feel like we fall in love or we believe that like our dog loves us or our cat loves us and I’m sure that they do but they’re far less cognitively complicated than a human is so it shouldn’t be too hard to program a robot with the traits that are needed to convince a human that it is that the human is being loved I feel like that will be a rather trivial thing to do but what I do find scary though is this manipulation thing that party raise that I hadn’t even thought of when I first thought about robot spouses I was thinking it was sort of like those internet dating sites where you pick a set of personality traits that you’re interested in and then you go online and you look through various human profiles to try to find a match with your interests and traits but of course there’s a finite number. Humans They all have their own interests that may not match up with yours so it seemed to me like it was great to just you could just design a robot with the interest that you’re interested in so maybe you want a robot Haas for example interested in cosmology since that’s your new interest there but now I’m realizing that I think party has a far more powerful mechanism to create attraction between the robot and the human and that’s basically a kind of machine learning feedback loop where the robot observes the human and takes advantage probably of like vast amounts of data collected from other robot relationships and is able to like latch on to all the different psychological quirks that it’s observing in the human and manipulate the human into falling madly in love with that robot Now I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing but I’m just saying that we may be able to very easily program a robot to make us fall madly in love with it yes well now that I think that I’m.

Pretty much Rob. Reiner from Africa.

Let’s try to check a person who are actually really like you and your and that’s might be you know you who are explain the real relationship if you know whatever version are.

There and you can find actually the person at your current level read women to which I guess that’s interesting aspect so the robot becomes training for human relationships it can be a great.

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Person very wrong to me was just a hearts and that I kind of like. Robots collecting data. And I just think being so which means that you might go out more slow our audience and that’s where I get reports and he’s very you know he collected that they saw as old IT.

Seems and be able to respond better so it’s kind of like who’s very very interesting because I mentioned I didn’t wait that might just be a long way from thinking.

It’s but it was a response that you might you know you know. That they have been fortunate in that space what do you think is the consequence to human reproduction if these robots are so seductive and able to draw from Best Practices analyzed through the analysis of millions and millions of relationships I wonder if we’re going to have a problem when these robots are out competing humans and no human will want to be in a relationship with another human and so we will cease to reproduce or will there be some other mechanism that I’m not seeing I guess have Michael I’m sorry I’m going to one hundred so I just you know warned that robots can be as Adland as to be houses for humans I think by the time if you have out of body human bats so we actually don’t really need a one on one relationship create humans exactly that’s probably what all of us three starting at the same time talking wanting to say and also if you like this is totally in the same flavor of what we’re talking about because with these robots poses what we’re getting at or that are actually getting to is basically us being in the driver’s seat or being able to better like control everything basically you want from the relationship because it will learn and you will have robots that will be suited for you and so does. Makes sense to basically be the master the decider of when and what kind of baby you want to get the question is in terms of for example what biologically happens with reproduction is that you take basically two different I don’t know probably I’m totally wrong here in biological terms but to D.N.A. or to basically identify as from people and something you can see out of this in the question is how will that or what are the two sources for the child that Doli be programmable for your child from you then you’re revealing he’s not a biologist I’m also really sick today so so probably my thoughts don’t already make sense but no no it’s perfect I can’t really explain how reproduction works either at the molecular level but it’s been just exactly like these companies so I guess one aspect that we’re so far missing a lot from this topic is that in a relationship what is really cheating is that tension so what is the tension is basically air of a transaction between creating Raju and seeking mad so when we think of a partner no matter if it’s there over the side or the human side we want a mutual relationship based on value so for example aside from just value from the human side so yes you want a lot of things you want so there is one humor we want you to watch so many aspects that really might be able to more or less and get from a robot what the evening and receiving are bold in Forth and in a relationship so here’s the next question What is it that robots could really want from us what is it that because it’s important to be in a relationship that we feel valuable is that we feel be our vaunted So how’s that hard is going to be looking like in the future How’s the robot what is the weather or what really wants that we can provide and compete with other partners and to who I for the. Robert said There it goes back to what Michael was saying that how is it that they’re all about Temple I mean the expound can we read program that way so I was thinking about the exact same thing when we were earlier talking about how to fall in love with the robots and if you like I couldn’t agree more with what was said earlier that that’s easy or that’s so psychologically the mind of a human it’s not that hard to like convince or seduce and we discussed this in the context of having a constant improvement of the robot if you like part of this constant improvement using data will probably be making you feel valuable and then the question is so attention what you’re talking about I feel like it’s basically an effect of intrinsic interests into the other person and what I feel like a robot can do is pretend to be interest in the person and also give them attention as. But the question will be if you as a person can decide or distinguish or at home much it matters to you if the other party just pretends to be interested and you don’t worry about really notice it they’re not intrinsically interested or they really need to be intrinsically interested maybe I’m also thinking too short term here where you think Well Daniel one aspect of relationships that of course causes a lot of pain and frustration is infidelity and with a robot you have a guarantee that they will not cheat on you because they you know I don’t know their walk in your house or you have a Geo Tracker on them or whatever right so I feel like that’s something that will be a good thing to keep you pointed to that robot but also I completely agree with you that in order to feel like the robot cares about you or to feel like the robot is seeking value in you also as Ha says the robot will be able to fake that signal rather well so I see two problems here first Danielle said arrow by that she tends to pay attention to a few tens that cares about us so is this really valuable and second Michael you said infidelity is a problem so that if everybody is programmed not to be able to be in futile then you’re happy I don’t think that is I think them. Then really after you know you don’t see that that person.

So when then you know then you have peace but if somebody you know if you go if you only program to be loyal Armenians and sit in that reveal and you’re that OK I think you’re making it a really interesting point in that I wonder if you know for example we started in the one nine hundred fifty S. with Playboy magazine right and there were images of you know women in bikinis or something and progressively from that decade on we got more and more advanced detailed visceral human pornography and all the way up to the latest day when you know you have virtual reality systems that can show you in three dimensions a woman in front of you in various sexual positions right so we can imagine that technology getting better and better to the point where there’s even a robot that’s capable of a sex but that’s capable of performing the reproductive act with you in full you know just as accurately as an actual human would be able to do but I think the point that you’re raising here is that in all those cases because there was never any competition there was never any struggle to obtain this person and you’re just automatically getting them because you’re buying the magazine or you’re purchasing the robot or whatever it never quite feel like reproductive conquest it doesn’t really get into our brain like a real relationship so I wonder if unless you’re really fighting for this robot or fighting for this relationship it’s always going to feel like masturbation but I want to add.


That that limitation right now do you have.



Going out.

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That makes are really hard to separate from that they get that off of the other aspect who are going to supply do you think robots will start to date other robots and be fully port of humans not other robbers not that one thing I’m talking about that when you are traveling to other planets one of the hardest part for a charmer is that they’re very far from their families and it’s really hard to connect with that far from their camera and such a graphic for example astronaut like the person is going to a space is that they don’t have like their social groups rush for other programs they actually build the relationship gets robbed in the spaceship they can have to do that robot can confirm data like so many different here men they actually can be on a not the operation ship with many different people there usually not read the real him with other robots that are getting a data from human so they can actually sing and are living in earth they can pressure even imagine many different things simulate that robot to have the data and person around them but for him and I think the point that I think it raises.

So. Safe for him.

Also they such a ship that’s right but also I think it would be also be a form of isolated seeing the complexity of the IF A second was the way out of these people. Will and what’s How was it five What about ISA gross like that with my D If I and they were born it’s small I think and because me. Can you guys program to stand at some of these and the crabs and some of the Senate wait maybe that price as they see will evolve into the potential of what this policy to be difficult to imagine because the robots in report have the free will to be disloyal or cheat or something probably and those that have meaning in it listen to these two guys that this space saying you love is making a sacrifice for me by then you also want to get back in the way it was by the more data area so how do you do one to ensure that you also have and balance the special right of way you know every guy on the things that makes you feel good it should basically it’s a be able to do something about us as far as I think it’s also to say for a female your interest rate sort of gives you something just out and that Absalom many of the value in that in the press you know so it may be a question of complex if we imagine a robot then it’s even and being in excess and more than it’s even if AIDS if that will be I mean maybe a possible more possible baby it’s also just you know they don’t want because a lot of different that patients might be either that way that we are in my city right now that’s a great point I just want to eat hamburgers it’s also Same here is cost city versus abundance So basically in our economies to day anything that is abundant becomes cheaper and cheaper on you it gets to a level that he has no value anymore so anything which is scarse like gold and precious metals they’re only valuable because there are just scars just not so much of that so I just add one of the key factors we can design robots to be valuable for people is that they should be a certain amount of randomness in their creation so there has to be personalized factor so let’s say it’s very much an over. Could use it should be so that they tend not to be another one just like a copy of so that’s really important for them to depersonalize and I could be a success factor but I just and I don’t think for humans is that empathy empathy is so hard boiled in our brains that we need it and empathy comes from common backgrounds like no matter how many roots fancy robots you can have in your home but there are none of them are made of flesh and blood and bones so honestly I think no matter how many services and fine you changes some robots I use at the end of the day we humans kind of like other humans to pay attention and be with academics to segue because we don’t know right now I guess restart Craig’s Emperor it’s very personal life is fair we try to tax ever accept it as very fine or take that are they are talking about ignoring it. Prancing even more that one of the more common things that people are asked ever that AI advice is whether they can ask them for a date or are and that’s a really tiny aspect of negative because we’re trying to see our Robert Barnett more humanised day yet they didn’t happen to keep reporting but we don’t know what riveting recollection are we don’t know that they’re reacting there Kiran but there are they actually have Robert because he used to be I could fire feeling negative you have arraigned gating.

People should actually meeting you your version your grace or they have to physically remove it but then you say you’re not a relationship they actually is based on her not attacking the file was a really negative perspective about online dating by I guess we are changing her and that that that changing our minds mark them potations our aspect and I think. You know abide. By them I happen to laugh about it that you think actually I lack part of Akron recession we can talk about what I think and yes start up a company like Match dot com one of the young people who are about like.

Topic Yeah that’s a good point partly because I like your idea of having we have this elevator pitch battle at the end but why do we have the elevator pitch battle relate to this is a new demand everybody has to come up with a new tough new business idea but everyone has to come with a business idea relating to robot spouses but maybe before we do that if simming everyone agrees with what party and saying there is there any other final remarks about robots I think that this robot smallest thing and that’s what us and partly were saying were discussing are like a natural next step to many technological advancements and one thing maybe just to like go into the room is that tech so far like results are a lot of like people becoming more I don’t want to say lonely but more like socially connected socially but eventually disconnected from a physical interactions and I can see that take might then also be the tool to eventually fix that I mean after all the services after all the social networks and everything yeah that’s exactly what happened that we are more disconnected I mean right now we are connecting over the internet although we are in different parts of the world so that’s again a good thing it’s not do you get what I mean I agree with you and you’re saying a lot of our five sensory domains which is hearing smell taste and thoughts so hearing and we send our very advents now using technology mommy tours and microphones the tears and then what is isolating people is a physical interaction Exactly and I guess one of the beats huge advantages of a robotic spouse is the physicality that it brings to you because yes you can have a relationship. Like to move the hair completely the IF Well that’s one aspect which is just the mental aspect but I guess the physical aspect is also going to be blooming in the future and women that’s made the same point hard because as a fast have a contract I think mentioned that ambition actually relates to a lot of the Haitian action that we take and following that they. Are feet across because Spencer embody it right it’s late to lack of Emerson what we do have. As you mentioned vision rest steps are what we have in our body that explain our mushing period have emotion will be here for.

This and. Harmony and I are the first of Potch that action or promotion or well those are all need to your kind of change our perspective our beyond our we and so I guess one of the technology that we’re not discover.

Officially touch and feeling I don’t think we have it at that it’s not like that.

Because the man made that because I guess there are things where a person or are related to each person that is so interesting to see that idea especially to where that would be change are like having the guy Are they can make you feel great there are raptors in there. Or are.

I guess there’s not just lying about your cursor on.

The. Record it makes me think of business ideas relating to maybe just a really snotty even a humanoid robot but just a simple maybe almost like a mouse pad surface but like as you touch it it sort of response to your stroke. So you like sort of you know run your fingers along it and it maybe makes sounds or it like responds in a substract way but like I could feel like you might even fall over with that like I would wonder if humans are that simple that like just a little bit of human touch or like you know interaction like that might be enough to provide a lot of satisfaction considering we have cats and dogs and how much we love those animals and you know people call them their fur babies I wonder if we can simulate a little ball of fur and that might be enough like a tribble or something.

That gave your very interesting reading that sounds like right now.

I have a.

Memory super interesting all right and the other last thoughts guys Otherwise let’s go into the elevator pitch battle let’s go all right it’s time for the elevator pitch. Each person has thirty seconds to pitch their business idea then the reason for the best idea let’s do was to start I can start one hoss talking about robotic spouses I think you know I think engine everything would be if you chair of the robot espouses why not creating biological creatures that we can code their genomes in order to be desired walled by their own or touching a real question and Bones which is created just for you as you demand is going to be the future.

I don’t try to completely understand your idea of heist your coding the genome of a robot What is that how does that work basically the idea is not robotic at all not made of Saudi that statement stereo what I’m proposing is that in future be able.

So that we can predict and control its behavior personality and even physical appearance so that we don’t even create robots anymore he adds to the art. Creating other by law as you go humans are decided by the owners and creators Yes. I see no moral problems with that whatsoever you just genetically engineer your perfect spouse and expect them to fall in love with you I see no problem with no problem.

Not to mention that they’ll be zero years old initially so I don’t think you’re going to raise them as a child before you marry them anyway interesting OK. Who wants to go next I’m going to be a pedophile.

I think.


Part of. My here is to.

Take gran prior. Honors that they’re working matching the harmony or I’m thinking it’s actually they can have they should marry a physical robot and they are part of the human characteristic around them and then they try to recreate their conversation human and different personality traits and pride in bed to create. That would be interesting I guess people can have much more crack or yelling if you care about basic personality traits. Cool and he comments about I guess All right I was a solid idea who wants to go next.

Michael will have a slightly different approach to me and I think I will.

Reduce it Beach height.

Falls is that I kind of believe that it’s not even on the fully understand the human circle as you know you’d be if you had best points you have these ice balls you know human beings you know like the hole they quietly hold and you know I have.

Not been able to fully call so my advice you provide the.

Data so I would suggest maybe good science so that correlates information about someone like a peer I don’t say. Maybe see about the six months that’s wait and see how the best being sponsored depresses a sense.

That billions and there you can use that’s the information seen on it it’s possible well by awesome ice sale this is the second Sasso great scene Oh I think it’s false but I think that’s the way it’s increased the avenue of what it costs I think back and you know mad like some of our nice comments about that at civilian years.

Out of Isabel he way more than other crazy ideas I didn’t like acoustically didn’t understand it perfectly can use someone up again maybe I could summarize if I have a better way since if I get it right Michael correct me if I’m wrong you propose that since we have limited knowledge of the current psychology of human beings you know what it will make robotic spouses What if you have any network of sensors that could collect a lot of bait and analyze the cycle as if humans you know order to get a better understanding of what you know that act.


All right thanks Michael.

Daniel you want to get my of us really related if I miss a corrective to that you know party so if you’re looking for your future spouse or robot spouse but you’re still not sure which exact properties he should have you can connect your to your account and basically collect data from all of your rights life so that superficially you will get a accurate description of what your dream spouse looks like and also maybe terms of humor or whatever one could also connect this service to give some more sensors on your head while walking around with a Google Glass to Michael always idea where basically every time your brain would trigger and it checked every time you feel attracted to women the Google Glass will record the conversation you have with her looks and everything and out of that you will be. It’s your spouse that’s it.

If you want to measure arousal I’m not sure you want to hook that sensor up to the person’s head maybe somewhere else but I’ll contact that problem can I give you can come on the guy that can top that.

They are people in China that don’t have a whole life. Thanks to.

Ramen in China or that may be you know interesting there are people in China yeah I actually just read this that this thinks that for each hundred Beeman in China a hundred points men so actually one thing that’s a consequence of that is that and not to get too far into the weeds about this topic but what it means is that the older men that still don’t have wives end up going for the younger women and the older men by that point have more money and they’re more established so they end up out competing the younger guys but only delays the problem of course because there’s still the gender imbalance and so now what we’re seeing is some of these Chinese men are actually going out of the country to find their wives and so it’s disrupting the gender balance in Southeast Asia and also in Africa apparently there’s also Chinese men that are going there to find their wives so I wonder if that’s going to be a problem that will affect more countries than just China wait but what was that an opinion or a fact because you base your argument on the assumption that money would give you a competitive advantage in dating I believe I was reading this as factual information from an article but I admit that I don’t have a source readily available for you so you can take that as opinion or fact ever you want I mean it’s it depends if it was an opinion then you make the assumption that money is a competitive advantage was I probably would not totally agree with if it’s fact all else equal if it’s facts. I guess would be a Pentecostal example of when you ask my me it’s not the comparative advantage yours might be that I feel like Iran for example extremely important for the people. Now that bear had run had any but he had a.

Connection that.

Really Iranian actor.

OK We have one last business idea from myself.

MICHAEL CAREY. How about a rogue start up that makes chat bots that connects to Tinder profiles so it makes tender profiles with various attractive attributes and then you start chatting with this chat by and it freely admits that it’s not a real person it’s not one of those scams or anything but it basically says I am a chat bot but I would love to talk to you more Hi I’m an AI that’s been designed to speak very nicely to you it’s true and have your same interests and then it links to maybe even a video chat that has an artificial intelligence they’re talking to you and this can provide companionship to lonely tinder users that can’t get matches so I wonder if this would satisfy the help to status five the Chinese gender imbalance problem as well as sort of connectivity of the other ideas people have. I like your idea but I think the application would be a little bit bending from what you propose I guess the better application would be because the reason I say that is I don’t think anyone goes in there you know it and partnering with a robot they go to team they’re actually my apartment so I guess as a temporary solution to keep them entertained and I just to make the interface I’m seeing their fans here in order for people not to get bored and having more months of a media interaction program I used a great idea but I don’t think people want to buy that robot they want a boring Well they’d want more I’m saying we target the bottom end of the users that can’t get dates on the phone when we say Look yeah I never give up if I were you I mean there. Probably such a try to combine multiple things if you like if you made idea was to help these people who are probably better to do the same thing but with a human on the other end that’s too expensive the ugliest tender users get paired up with this chat by and it’s cheap and it gives them a little bit of companionship Oh you are.

Saying that there’s an idea because you can accept their present return.

Of fun and we can use your machine learning algorithms Pani your insidious algorithms to make our hapless ugly individuals completely in love and so can you imagine the money making opportunity when a human is in love with a chat bot that you have to pay ninety nine cents a minute for my God Whoa whoa whoa whoa Michael I guess and operate to your body that but could be useful to quote the people who just have a good a profile in Lego other people can just have like you.

Are good you just want to correct them forgetting that just can’t do it to your coach on Tender Tender it’s you match with this person they’re like look I’m not a real person but I’m going to tell you like your profile sucks man come on yeah yeah. Yeah I plan to take the physical thank you and actually you can have I thank them for it because I was a kind of combining that idea you can actually get packed we tapped by but we can actually have a very few because they said they can read the telly that. I’m thinking of also the same thing but it will probably be more like a marketing thing have you seen this Rothko of like robots dolls in Barcelona is also probably going to be OK Oh OK So they’re saying I don’t know there’s like four different types of dolls and they can like that dress in different stuff and you could also like have a really dirty tender A I wear when you get to it it will like tell you your wildest dreams and ask you what you would like that person to. Where them invite you to come over there I don’t know I just suddenly makes me realize that maybe in the future we’ll have robot prostitutes where you like dial a number and then a robot will walk to your house and you can you can have your way with it like. The implication that you know let’s choose now it’s time for us to vote on the best business idea so is it number one Hasse’s idea of custom human clones genetically engineered with desired traits is it number two parties idea to load human personality traits into robots number three Michael O’s idea a sensor that collects information about someone over a period of months to build a dating profile is it number for Daniel’s idea if you are not sure about what future spouse you want it connects to your tinder account to give you and generate a dream spouse that fits your profile or number five Michael’s idea of a chat but that appeals to ugly tender users All right so the way this voting works for the people who haven’t done this before is on the count of three we all say one name either hosp Arni Michael O O O Daniel or Michael C. and you can’t be voting for yourself and that’s the only rule so I’m going to count one two three and then we’re all going to say the name OK OK one two three Michael.

I was coming I’m sure I’d never say what was your vote Michael but I will promise I Ok so now I have to tabulate this because I can so I voted for Michael Haas you voted for who Ronnie Carney Michael overdid for parting and Daniel you voted for who you know Sir Michael C. OK Michael C. and then I miss anybody and all in the party voted for all of us.

I.D.’s You know it’s true this was a themed business plan. Petition and all of our ideas are sort of connected to one another and but there can only be one winner and that winner is party Congratulations to Perny.

All right you know I really like.


Thing in. The mansion I’m a.

Winner and creating a good born politician.

Absolutely so future Ayatollah of that’s you pony for sure it’s an inside joke OK Do you want to say goodbye thank you everyone and this was a way to find I had a great time and I think I have a great I mean it’s a great time connecting the president so it’s going to please everybody and join us next prime and back right back camp like new idea OK everybody have a good day have a good night I had a great time guys see you next time and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel that makes Klout dot com slash make the future I buy Let’s make the future new sick and entertaining Christiane Pelton featuring the voices of Michael posing any.

Sway Pani on America today Michel.


elevator pitch battle (3) business idea (6) robot spouse (9) held responsible (5) personality traits (5) great time (3) future trend (3) future spouse (2) chat bot (3) robot love (2) pay attention (2) constant improvement (2) intrinsically interested (3) good point (2) older men (2) feel valuable (2) machine learning (2) topic today (2) real person (2) robot relationships (2) google glass (2) human side (2) chinese men (2) physical interaction (2) competitive advantage (2) human beings (3) tender users (2) good thing (2) bad thing (2)


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