LMTF Podcast Episode 13: Longevity

What are the implications for society of a widely available anti-aging treatment? What if this treatment is possible but extremely expensive and thus only available to the very rich? Recorded 20 August 2017.

Contains excerpts from Norm Macdonald: Me Doing Standup (Comedy Central) and In Time (20th Century Fox).

(Podcast image adapted from commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Life-stages.jpg by Nazrul Islam Ripon, CC BY-SA 4.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en)

“I think actually scientists should kinda look into that whole DEATH thing. Because they seem to focus on diseases. And you know, I don’t give a fuck about them, because you know, the guy will go, we fixed your arthritis, and I go, am I still going to die, and they go, yeah. So that I think is the biggest problem. That’s why I can’t get behind politicians, you know, because they’re always like, our biggest problem is unemployment. And I’m like, what about getting old and sick and dying? Then they usher me out the back way, you know. But, Sometimes you actually think you won’t die. Do you ever think that? But in your mind, you analyze, you realize My dad died, my grandfather died, my grandfather’s grandfather…  I think he died. Because otherwise he’d be on extra. But no, I come from a long line of death, that’s my point, that’s my point, and so I fear it, I fear it a lot. And I think most of us do.” – Norm Macdonald

From Wikipedia:

Senescence (/sɪˈnɛsəns/; from Latin: senescere, meaning “to grow old”, from senex) or biological aging (also spelled biological ageing) is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms, arguably found in all biological kingdoms, that on the level of the organism increases mortality after maturation. The word senescence can refer either to cellular senescence or to senescence of the whole organism. It is commonly believed that cellular senescence underlies organismal senescence. The science of biological aging is biogerontology.

Senescence is not the inevitable fate of all organisms and can be delayed. The discovery, in 1934, that calorie restriction can extend lifespan 50% in rats, and the existence of species having negligible senescence and potentially immortal species such as Hydra, have motivated research into delaying and preventing senescence and thus age-related diseases.


in the trivially accurate sense that cerebral hypoxia, i.e., lack of oxygen to the brain, is the immediate cause of all human death




What are the implications for society of a widely available anti-aging treatment?

What if this treatment is possible but extremely expensive and thus only available to the very rich?


Michael O: → increase retirement age.  Retain knowledge in the workforce..   (MC: less flexiblity?)

  • Higher reti

Daniel: what meaning does retirement age have in this context?

  • 3d printed organs

Michael: pass through a phase when some continue to retire young, and are a burden.

Daniel: age 50 will have a big problem retraining.

Michael: maybe people will have to go back every few years to retrain!

Scenario: Everyone stays young.  No ageing at all.

Daniel: Artists reach virtuoso stage, can have boundaries

Michael: And athletics

Daniel: Steroids might be a problem.

Michael: Perhaps interest level will dictate retirements

Daniel: Sports will look completely different anyway, since we will have such a god-like cellular transformation ability.


Treatment but at a price ($1 million)

Daniel: it will rapidly get less expensive

MichaelO: Dominance mentality, economic scenario: It will cause a disruption


Revoluations happen in physics one funeral at a time


What if some countries have it but not others?  (Japan vs. Nigeria)

Impact on retirement age, social security?

Impact on the young, as they are entering the workforce?

How will a longer-living society look like: aged vs. non-aged (i.e. an anti-aging treatment has been developed)?

Make you more risk averse or less?

Impact on religion?

Impact on entertainment?

Ethics of aging? Do I need to live 150 years?


more risk averse

do things more slowly

be less concerned about action

meaning of life

impact on religion

priorities about religion

Elevator Pitches

MichaelO – customtime management software knowing they have 200 years.   Life design software for longer-lived individuals.

Daniel – using all data on soccer / football players over the last half century, have a match of all the greatest players.  Soccer game of the best players of all time.

MichaelC –

Episode Machine Transcript (unedited and uncorrected)

Let’s make the future.

I think actually scientists should count look into that whole death thing because.

They seem to focus on diseases and I’m not going to buy them because you know Geiger a.


Am so that I think is the biggest fraud that’s why I can’t get behind politicians you know because they’re all it’s like our biggest problem today is unemployment and I’m like one of the good old and sick and dying.

And they should be out the back way you know but.

Sometimes I actually think I won’t doubt everything then.

But in your mind when you know you analyze you realize you know like like oh my you know my dad I know my grandfather died and my great grandfather died you know and the guy before him I am father.

I think he to have.

Because otherwise he’d be extra.

Now I mean.

I come from a long line of death that’s my point that’s my point.

And so I fear you know I fear it a lot. And I think most Muslims will come to let’s make the future a discussion about future trends technologies and their implications for human society we are coming to you from all over the world featuring the voices of Michael Moore and Danielle balance Weyler and Michael Carey music and editing. PELTON.

Distance teacher training discussion autonomy.

Judging the welcome to Lets make a feature Tonight’s topic is longevity so we keep the defines it’s in essence or biological aging as the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most of plex life forms and it’s arguably found in all biological kingdoms but the word senescence can refer either to sell you or senescence or to the senescence or death of the whole organism and it’s commonly believed that cellular senescence underlies organismal senescent so the cells are slowly wearing down and that basically underlies the reason why everyone animals and humans we all slowly wear down over time why are skin starts to sag why our bodies don’t wear was quickly and why eventually no matter what we all die some time before the age of about one hundred twenty five and the science of biological call that bio gerontology now senescence is not the inevitable fate of all organisms and it can be the way so for example in one nine hundred thirty four we discover that calorie restriction can extend lifespan by fifty percent in rats and we’ve also even discovered some species that have negligible senescence such as lobsters that age and he sickly without significant senescence they just grow a larger and larger and there are potentially immortal species such as hydra which is like of jellyfish that ingenuously renews itself and he is fact Steve discovery have motivated research into delaying and preventing senescence and thus age related diseases so the possibility is before us that we may in our lifetimes no pun intended have treatments for aging that may significantly reduce the effects of aging and may also significantly X.. And our viable life spans and I feel like we can’t really discuss in detail with our respective qualifications to a gentleman the technologies involved we can certainly discuss the implications I’d be interested to hear what you all think the implications would be for a society with a widely available anti-aging treatment I think definitely we all have that if it was examples where the upper level.


Might be patient. And you can have that one billion people so that’s been a very Travin laugh it will.

Be impossible but there so that with the more dog.

And Neo industry developing. So the question is are they magically why they have their birthday out acceptable Well it’s been absolutely adamant that people will fall ill that often so people would be frequent up just because they do because now we can lower the impact of B.S. all of. That of the Hate it would invest and use that thing people live in potentially much law that they used to and so that will be won’t even get in. If you like we’re already having troubles right now at the moment to deal with the quantity of people that live on the earth there’s already a lot of shifts going on in terms of for example birth being more successful in terms of nobody dies at the birth over the world which has had a significant impact on told population and now with increasing blong living people I think will need to rethink how we use our resources and what we emit on this world in order to basically say no logic going population so the basically the impact on the population something up Miss We take care of changing qualitatively because we already are but quantitatively I suppose. Stass the basic problem every day one hundred thousand people die and under fifty thousand people are born so if we no longer have those deaths and obviously our rate of growth is going to be suddenly a lot faster let’s just imagine a society where I mean fifty you can of tuna treatment and basically limit your aging that level in such a society ever a lot of fifty year olds I wonder how that impacts things like the social hierarchy the people retiring What are some other impacts that we might have about its youth population of people at sort of this maximum age that are all disappearing treatments to maintain that for one thing I can think that place right now I think there it’s a societal respect for elders so when you’re in a workplace for example I think inevitably you sort of defer to evil who are physically older than you and it’s easier to take an order from someone who’s older than your abuser to give an order to the younger so I imagine it would be a weird workplace if you know everyone is looking a similar age now Meisner everyone that says that if he so maybe that’s not quite as bad of a scenario for the work that the still it does seem like it would be harder for someone’s level. Or expertise without those physical to my post to your point I mean that was created you probably see a need to increase the retirement age because people will continue to be happy you know well the families of the. Definite also being Dad we could be staying in the workforce because if we make the F.M. churned through Eskom the people who get told that The Good Wife man gab boy the maid and that if you have also been retained deigned to work for us before to even Dole people my position of the public on to be happy and do some more the form of I’ll go out of the own daughter. Oh wow there might be from more isn’t right for what it has though not been able to recycle over the employees you know at Leno they also do that but they don’t employ didn’t have I mean people been able to opt in to do it from the Makati Bilad even though they haven’t so I think that the way so that they use a and the and retirement age will go up by the What Does age really mean in this concept I’m wondering because if I mean it will be like the distance in years towards your birth like physically you will remain with the same age I guess so probably you won’t retire at all.

Telling twenty eight hundred five a day comes when you’ve had enough if you had as much time as you do with shoes how Looking at least another question might be as you said now you frame the fifty years Michael see what might be interesting also is that like as an actual scenario if you look for example of three D. printed organs which is a technology that is already quite far if you look at people in need for organs it’s a lot of elderly people so maybe this sudden increase of a certain age or that gives a certain type of people with a certain age will not be with people of being fifty but some me the people older than sixty accumulate a maybe they are not really able to work so much and then we will have to shift them a society of people that working in people basically meaning to work and to pay also for the other people so Dana you’re saying that people would retire or would not recall only if there was a large required population with their.

Work I guess like Well inevitably people are able to remain vital even at a very old age or. So I guess that’s all the problem the burden working exactly I was just painting us in a different scenario in which I was saying maybe we will first get to a point where we have an older generation not being able to work that will increase much more as opposed to others and yeah yeah it was two unrelated but there will be once an hour with this would not work to. Just based on your assumption that suddenly at age fifty everybody would be able to stay at that age physically I think I totally agree with Michael totally Well I think we’re seeing this already and the debates over and about trees where people are able to work and still older age and they were infants older than existed when the retirement ages were sets for a lot of the social security systems and for example in Canada there was a big debate about raising the retirement age from sixty five six seven or certain the flying public sector where there is. A government has influence and it was a politically charged thing because of course you’re getting close to that age where you care a great deal about what you have continued at work for a few more years and you were quite the in the generation of people that are able to still retire at age sixty five and ask that birth to the next group of people you know will cohort slightly younger than you and so I wonder if we’ll pass through a phase where people will continue to retire at the old fashioned retirement age and come a burden which is exactly what’s happening right now and it will take some political reckoning economic reckoning with the system it’s just her OK. And then suddenly it will just have to say no people have to keep working and enjoy a system and its benefits at that. Actually there’s also another scenario that might lead to such a shift off working in the working people if you think about for example the jobs that are demanded most at the moment and the trend that a lot is going more and more into technology jobs and these are very often times jobs that cannot be done by people older than a certain age so I guess if I’m if you’re saying that everybody at fifty or older than fifty will start to say I mean if you just assume that these people will have a hard time along the ramp up we’re not all be able to work and take related jobs am an increasingly technology. Based world there will almost be no more jobs for people that do not work in tech I think this might be also the scenario but that’s a very probably like a very specific scenario already that we might not be interested in discussing just thought that’s a great point because even if you can work for two hundred years if you retain the same kind of inflexibility that the stereotype which may or may not be somewhat true is a older person just that they’re less flexible and that’s the depth of all that you have a big problem if you’ve got all your training or the full human about inflexibility to say if you went to university at age twenty and then you expected to work or you know forty years what do you have to work for two hundred years I mean if you got your education in the seventy’s under it probably wouldn’t apply very much today maybe people have to go back and do undergraduate degree every fifty years or so if a few appoint I think it would be really the be. An important part of the training so people would I think it went right though people need to go back to see if they have retained you to be trying or the right I mean you cannot survive in the workforce what they think they have to go we think that their education because they want them to pricey up with me to be retrained you know every so often that you know because of cooking table they have us to question Michael OK I just wanted to add a quick note regarding our personal systems like a I episodes these will become very very important in the scenario with constant and you cation constant updating and always better understanding you think just as a funny side note over these amount of years they will be incredibly helpful Yes agreed I suppose in this conversation today we’re a little bit ignoring the implications of automation AI like it may be that in twenty years no one will have a job so maybe all this talk about workforce everything will become irrelevant so that’s definitely worth noting for sure how about this first area instead of people stop aging at age fifty what if now really so now people can be as supple as they were at aged. What all the same abilities that give you and what if now no one is aging so this is a scenario that with six Lord research Justin Timberlake is a cult of about. And I don’t think it was handled as artfully as it could have but it basically was a by the numbers action but nevertheless it was an interesting scene where Justin Timberlake nets his girlfriend’s mother and his girlfriend’s grandmother and they were all three of them were equally attractive twenty.

Let me to introduce my mother in law Clara I’m like Michelle and my daughter Sylvia.

And it was just very strange and jarring to imagine how these women would relate to one another because typically lent thinking of like RIM other I think of being very respectful to her and you know helping her up the steps. Listening to her you know slowly deliberate addict you know like the idea of theoretically being able to relate to my distant ancestors as like here’s in terms of the activities they might want to do it cetera I just find I really range and I wonder what.

Things like entertainment imagine people who like big band music or you know the kind of entertainment yet fifty years ago still being young and useful if years later how would that impact the consumption of intertainment one thing that comes to my mind at this point is people practicing for example an instrument or an art usually have like a journey over their lives so they become better more article they become they change their actions based on what they experience already in their like our journey these journeys would be much much longer suddenly if you think of I don’t know you know maybe favorite guitar violin or drum player and remember how every like two years basically they got to the point where they were much more virtuous and were playing very different kind of stuff so maybe how one. Particular type of music or one particular skill will develop much further that will be interesting to hear or think about epileptics think about how we could have someone like Muhammad Ali or Wayne Gretzky and make it into play at the highest levels for decades and see you know the client whatsoever so imagine as we get more amazing athletes into a given sport they’ll be matched right up against the existing amazing players actually if you think about it at any given point in time there’s a certain number of players that are in a sports at a professional level but if you could take the best of all the players that have played in the last fifty years there would be far fewer players that would end up in the top leagues but they would be all the best so basically you be watching all Century teams playing against all centuries and it would be like the most tackler sporting you’d ever see us I don’t know how these guys would deal with egos that have become something like right now will grow and James thinks he’s pretty hot stuff but imagine if he was playing with Michael Jordan at its best maybe he would not have quite the same attitude also the anti-aging technologies would need to deal with the effects of steroids like they would need to counter because for example with their it’s like they are hard to probably keep growing and growing and you know but I guess this will be easy to solve them so that’s still a valid thought but also if you think of this being already one very very like central thing of the theory of trance human isn’t to basically control age then I guess force would be another leak anyway at the time where you will have probably like cyborgs fighting each other it will get it’s get slightly side final but at the beyond the scope like zero zero zero you would you watch these sporting events featuring these amazing efforts.

Just no I mean for sports right it’s going to be very very promising to be free at would be able to.

Build it for as long as they want. And I mean if you have. I have a ball in that number of players they may be quite a few have identity because they copy because every league club After want to have some form also pop out of that thing and they get very interesting but I think it will increase the competition among people and that of the gameplay with the increased interest and I don’t know if you like and the lack of faith that the.

People play and you acted a lot sure what they are on the look like at the end of day you know so if you can control basically the eight you have some kind of possibility to control Sallust I would say like a logical cells that will mean that in particular that you could influence cells off sports people meaning that you can easily enhance their capabilities and that’s what I meant earlier that sports would look like completely differently anyway at that point maybe these anti aging to where the whole work will benefit from that’s a strong statement but maybe these will count as steroids because otherwise maybe sports will give you more boring if there’s only top class players and maybe have there will be a cost of entertainers which are the sport people that basically are the only people that do feel like slightly dystopian but it’s a very funny today if so for me it’s like just. In my head well this whole show is about so it’s all good all of us life I maybe becomes points out that we should explore the extreme scenarios and I also think you know you’re right to bring in other topics because you have a danger of just looking at will and societal change isolation and ignoring the fact there will be others happening I think that’s right we have robots that other technologies that maybe that will change sports in other ways OK so we’re done with sports for a second we’re done with sort of those ideas what if we switch to a different question so what if some countries.

But not other or more generally what if this technology is extremely expensive so what if it costs a million dollars to apply this treatment yourself Now obviously everyone will not be able to afford it and what will be the reaction and politically sidling how will that transform society if this treatment becomes available but at a price this is an interesting thought but I would think that your question targets now probably the these years where it will be so expensive but I think usually if it’s such an attractive product people will work on making it cheaper and cheaper and that’s what we’ve seen very often that technologies get developed that are too expensive so only a small portion of people use them and then they become widely available but then at the same time probably there’s already better technology that is again expensive but that’s a very chilling thought I would like to hear thoughts about that at the moment I’m absolutely sure what to say yeah so what Allan so have is that what the what is I’ve been able to figure it with me is that some people are trying to leave a long list for a defense of it and you have a even baby brother who they don’t know and kind of like me I think about trying to dominate or that human being that they want to control everything that I think it might be to me what I think maybe I better let them if their way somebody really tries. And it will provide them along to some people and I think way and so I. Find out if my people people have been reported they’ll be able to say body it kind of they have to see some people I think inequality just to fight.

Yes I agree that just like right now there are great debates over whether health care should be considered a right if that can even be used as a term or whether it’s something that we can recognize that inequality. It does seem like this is mirroring that debate in some ways because there are many expensive treatments that already people are claiming is a right that everyone should be receiving but I wonder if you could make the same argument for the Gemini treatment that you could today which is you know there is in people’s lives right now you can live in a mansion or you can live in a shack you can have a diet that’s prepared by nutritionists or you can subsist on seven eleven Candy so there is a different way so it’s living right now that we allow people to live you know you could work in a coal mine or you can work in an office already there is tremendous inequality and so when we talk about inequality of health care if only natural that some people might receive better health care than other people and it seems strange that people would be revolted by the idea that one person like get superior health care treatment than somebody else now of course the idea that someone might break a bone or have an easily treatable condition and be rejected from a hospital that does seem terrible just like it would be terrible for someone to be starving and prosperous but it does seem strange that the most expensive treatments that we claim that everyone has a right to those treatments given how people are so unequal in all other kinds of ways and we’re not saying everyone has a right to live in a mansion we’re not saying everyone has a right to eat the fanciest license meals so it is a bit strange that we would claim that everyone has a right to these treatments and yet I definitely think that there would be a huge political constituency that would say the government should either ban the treatment for everyone or make it available for everyone and I think of the huge political conflicts as a result but why do you think in that case particularly because it is such a drastic therapy or because I mean we have to same situation today but the rich people have better or have access to very specific therapies where other people need to die. Because they don’t and I think that is something I guess the total health care thing pretty going to marry cuts and generally maybe politics lot of giving back to society or rewarding the people that have more positive impact on society mif you’re a really rich person in general that money represents like this political idea that you have benefited society a lot so you are giving back more than if you like that’s something politics might be logic in the place of contacts and something that we have already but don’t you think that it sort of undermines the fundamental social contract or social understanding that underlies this I think we tolerate the masses tolerate the rich the more than tolerate the rich sometimes they celebrate the rich for as you say for creating maybe some of the innovations that have made citee work today be lionized Bill Gates you know and bust for being great of it or it’s true but AND EMPLOYEE times just to have that Templar’s employers in general not just innovators but also employers and you know be planners of the economy in some sense but on the other hand there’s also this powerful idea an equality of opportunity the idea that if you work hard that you can have your chance at success but if there’s a certain class of people that are able to just stay at the top forever like if Bill Gates was able to just stay alive for hundreds of years and.

Continue his domination tables if you will it well it just seems like that sort of takes away from the idea that we’re all humans we’re all in the fifty other it’s true that some people are richer than others but we all live we all die and so I feel like there might be something fundamentally disruptive about that kind of technology it’s one thing for a rich person to have a mansion but it’s another thing for them to escape death as I see Tolly where you’re getting it so I think I want to be the next C.E.O. of Microsoft Well that job has taken her he for the next two hundred years.

Yeah I think that Dell of them. A good at dealing you way to see it would be to destroy a way to stew cats from because I mean imagine a way that has become you know maybe a little bit you know many to get the point that you stop your creation without looking at a front door the balance on the planet that I would become a like anything and if you would that the some people of one category and that will go on The Today Show you begin right well fate will become baby a way and taken a few A that would lead to some form of.

Potentially warfare right so if we resist scenario collapsing idea Daniels that the technology will simply become cheaper and we persist with this difficult scenario that the technology is very expensive and tend not people or to everyone then let’s take that a step further like OK so now there is so war there’s conflicts like I don’t know does it seem like the government will simply seize control of this innovation somehow and dole it out by Watts or by I don’t know or destroyed it make it available for anyone is there any analogy for this in the past or under anyway OK so let’s go to the next topic then.

So OK here’s a thought Let’s zoom down from the Society for a second and look at individual because we talk a lot about societal impacts and apparently we’re all going to war so that’s not good unless the technology is cheaper everyone. So they could regular But if it’s look at the impact on the individual I’m wondering OK Right now everyone’s life has a certain rhythms if it’s lived in a conventional way so you’re born you go through school you go to university get a job you get a spouse you have kids you work for thirty or forty years you retire you have if you twenty twenty five years of retirement and then you die and that’s sort of the ideal stereo typical scenario for someone’s life but now if we. That know is that they’re going to have the potential to live for hundreds of years in a sort of under the right maybe even thousands of years there’s no real limit a lot less if they don’t get into an accident or they don’t what I or how does this impact the individual Like how does this impact that you all choice. On your life will you still get married will you still go to. Still work I want choices within that I think again young looking for about what kind of a child he will imposed a good at him and.

Like. A mortal he might even become immortal. Soul mate.

You know gait you know that you know the people what the many what my what probably think it’s people anymore maybe not so I had a question though when you applied it was less it was a yeah now as it can be after that you know Patti point that would change things maybe they may be less useful out reading her example people tend to become more because you know out in detail about the. Hall with the idea that for example we usually. At the end of. The last on our no a little beyond are writing.

About that they stare at Fool that the idea of being immortal my make people happy more than in general I think immortality is again probably at least for me a different concept because I would think for example I would wonder where you try to be more secure because for example I’m thinking more now of maybe aging less or not becoming sick and that’s why you don’t die basically But in the world I’m imagining at the moment for example if I go on the streets and the car hits me I can still die and I wonder if I try to much more safe than ours because I would lose one hundred years as opposed to twenty years or maybe forty years when a car hits me I don’t really think that’s something that will change but in contrast to the. I think the question about the meaning of life I think will be even more central Maybe because you if you need to live this life for such a long time huge better know what the meaning of life is won’t become bored after sometime maybe off living I wonder.

How a back if you two I’m really sorry don’t know why the internet stopped I just went ahead and restarted our router and now it works again if for no idea why that is.

For my whole life that’s been the solution for every star router help either figured out how it.

Got this one rep up I think Michael’s. Or if you want it if you both want to complete your thought I think I was saying something about if you would try to be more secure because ending your life by an accident would be more significant than the word drive not because you would do is even more years so the opportunity cost will be higher I guess if you can say that So within that the next thought I wanted to say to Michael was that maybe because you are saying maybe the meaning of life will be less important but maybe also will be increasingly important because if you lived this life for such a long time you better know what the meaning of it is and also what is even more suggested to me is that because you will live it so long you just might get bored or you might have more often the time to ask the question OK what is the meaning of life why am I doing this I just want to say the meaning of life is important now was always important will always be important it was explored in episode.

Go ahead so it’s like oh.

Yeah right you know I just left of the become abundant the value of a kind of a devalued. So yeah you know like but if I become a boy and that’s good you know little more people at taking that and be safe let me look at it like low base of what because you know that you feel about it but you know maybe a quick.

Question about why people would feel that the ads like you and you. My life and. Death and death could also be sure that it will be drug because if you look at it it comically if your life is longer every year would be basically less valuable to you because so if the meaning of life stays the same basically every year has less meaning but.

It does that make you lazy or does that mean people will just sit around because on the one hand it’s true that you have infinite time to execute your life so it yields less urgent like I know in my early twenty’s I felt like a great urge to do things very quickly the idea of this very little Alice or a little bit later on I sort of realized there’s a little bit more time than I thought it was but nevertheless not that much so we worked pretty hard to make our lives evidently stand we have available and so if we have an infinite amount of life or potentially life maybe we’re lazy or maybe we decide to just catch up on our Game of Thrones for a movie I’d start T.V. or watching for a couple years rather than have any ambitions that our career but at the same time society kind of moves away from us if we go capitalize on our knowledge right so for example if you took a break for ten years your skills in the workplace would probably be pretty atrophied at that point so maybe if the fact of wanting to still be relevant they keep us somewhat motivated I basically agree with you both that people will be more risk averse as a consequence.

Potentially sold and I think that will change society in a fifth way you’ll get a society of people that I would we do less things that are risky we’ll take on behaviors we think of things that involve risk that we do right now like skydiving or scuba diving or skiing activities like this may be less popular in the future with these treatments even driving a car people might be averse to doing if you could sort of irrational one of Ernest’s and therefore it activities even like flying would cause. Means in something even though that’s a relatively safe activity maybe this will open accelerate the trend towards people wanting to hold themselves up and play video games or the infertile reality or the country will happen because it will be even more of a rush because you risky more hugely You say you risk your life with them and that motivates people to do it because it’s a very specific feeling and then you risk even more soul just to also say the other scenario but I think there are people off both sides are really the conservative I’d like to be safe you more than I You sue people and there probably be but once there are hunting these near death experiences and these will be both more significant you kind of see that today though if it seems like people engaging in risky activities like drugs or smoking or excessive drinking or jaywalking even these sorts of basic risky activities I feel like are done more if I think that seem to have the idea that they may not be living there in laws so if you have a plan to live until ninety or ninety five you’re probably OK if you those kinds of activities but your point is well taken Daniel that I’m sure there will be people all on the risk spectrum the matter how much they’re risque matter how much of an opportunity cost there is too yet so maybe not so much will change after all and everything will remain the same because people are so diverse.

It’s kind of OK yeah going across this rise that a little change is.

Interesting ending to a discussion that was probably too shores and too less in detail as we wanted to be but I feel like I need to run soon so should we read up at this point yes I think I’ve said no I have if like you say about this topic I think both of you for an interesting discussion and also if you guys have any final thoughts on it please yeah so I think it might be easy to see what impact on the Walk for them because that is.

Maybe the gold to who did. So we will watch in the exactly that was a nice wrap up yeah I agree.

All right well thanks guys it was fun yeah. Sure you pitch family or should we run.

This thing I think if you have time Daniel effort Yeah. Yeah all right so give me thirty seconds I certainly haven’t got it. It’s time for the elevator pitch each person has thirty seconds to pitch their business idea then there is a vote for the best idea let’s begin.

What Michael Oh so I think I would develop. A cross online poll that helps people to find meaning to the lives if you know when to have two hundred B.N. You know how to make me out of your life. So that I get. Short and sweet and I see that you need different techniques if you again I think go back to school every So number of years or if you want to change your career track everyone yeah I can see that big clearly different from the kinds of Self-Help for five minutes we have.

Danielle Sally swale I was first thinking I would like business models I would be really need to rethought and then I was thinking about life insurance is first but I got easily too complex for coming up with something three second so here’s also the shorter idea but I came up with that analyzing or using all the data that is available on like soccer or football players over the last century or a half century maybe and basically have a match of all these pro soccer players that were considered the best of the specific years and see how that runs out I forgot to say that I feel like what will happen with these greatest players is that they will retire as they DO YOU KNOW WHEN HARRY injured now instead retire when they’re just sort of playing the game like after a. Hundred Years of playing football off nasty will probably be like Alright alright I think I kicked it off that’s enough.

But yes I like the idea of using all the data to analyze it.

I mean obviously not from sort of perspective not too interesting because these kind of sports are always very dynamic and very team play maybe it should be more with like boxing or something but that’s my idea I could go ahead you know I think with big data you might like get some credit data figures out how the teams OK three Michael. So my idea is that in the future everyone will be about age twenty five looking for a look youthful and so just like today the face of someone with smallpox looks grotesque even though you know two hundred years ago it was a common sight to see someone with all these boils on their faces today it looks horrifying you would shrink up a site I think in the future we will be horrified at the sight of like an old person’s face it will look hideous and disgusting to us to see wrinkles so to aid these future people in the appreciation of the movies that we’ve made and the artwork that we’ve made what about a computer program that artificially the ages everyone presents a movie like Casablanca or Star Wars movie a youthful face so it’s tolerable to the future audience not necessarily that they’re disgusted by it or like horrified by it which would be funny like a horror movie called The grandma which is not from get out but even then I’ve heard like I have friends that basically say that they often can identify less with like older or like people know if they’re same age in a movie if for example the main character is such a person so I will be deaf me valuable interesting very funny thought OK now it’s time to vote how we have the ideas on the table Michael or with custom type management software for people knowing that they will. Living for a long time management software for long lived. Daniel with the simulated match of the greatest players over half century sort of like oh yes yes just my two beats live because I felt way longer even to be to OK maybe I should stop being all of that summarizes your ideas because if you can it’s like a. Wife design software for longer would and how would you summarize your idea in six words or less soccer games of the best players of all time OK and my idea is movies made last grotesque.

And I thought.


We all get a vote and you can vote for yourself so if you will decide on a winner three to one with Michael like. OK so what’s the Michael I think we’ve got two weeks in a row that you one like also.

Get it every one of us.

All right well an excellent idea I think it will probably be in the lead in future thank you very well but for the three of us it’s obsolete I also think from my side to next week.

Right next because all right. Good night.

Let’s make future.


people (88) health care (5) retirement age (5) long time (3) half century (2) expensive treatments (2) car hits (2) rich person (2) greatest players (2) management software (2) huge political (2) opportunity cost (2) risky activities (2) grandfather died (2) treatment (14) years (33) player (12) technology (14) senescence (9) entertainment (3) implications (4) activity (7) inflexibility (2) interesting (12) scenario (13)


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