LMTF Podcast Episode 23: Video Games

Photo of eSports gamerSpecial guest Sina Parsnejad is an electrical engineering Ph.D. student at Michigan State University and a serious gamer. He joins the regular panelists to talk about future trends in video games: the huge potential of esports and the changing demographics of gamers. Recorded 08 April 2018.

Image Credit: Helena Kristiansson | ESL | eslgaming.com

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General state of video game industry, its demographics, etc



Video games and their effect on human brain


Social aspects of video games



The state of female video games and breaking down gender barriers





Video games and art


Episode Machine Transcript (unedited and uncorrected)

Welcome to Late spring future discussion about future trends technologies and their implications for society we.

All started the war brought to life a chance.

To live free.

This episode’s future trend discussion topic.

With Sina parsonage your.

Welcome to let’s make the feature in this episode we are going to talk with our special guests you know parse Nasha future present and a little of the path we DO YOU games and see what the future is holding or do you ever growing industry you know part’s not an electrical engineer from Michigan State University and serious gamer I’ve known him since 2012 and your close friends and I’m glad that friends yes best friends.

I mean you know you get a more personalized introduction of self and then we get to our regular panelist to introduce them so thank you so it is this is this John Cena are no different.

Like but that’s a way good name for a good way to like make people remember my name so yeah it’s kind of similar I don’t know it’s like stealth difference you know my name is like.

But I guess the kind if they come from the same source I’m going to picture you looking like John Cena throughout this conversation.

Very accurate depiction of I thought his age.


I’m sort of like raise my hand you know.

So my name. I see now I’m doing my Ph D. you know like on you nearing trying to avoid a con brain machine interfaces that is the area that I’m actually repressurize about but that’s not what I’m here for here for my hobby which is with you again I have been playing with your games as long as I can remember. One time but being especially drawn to online and competitive video games since that’s a $2010.00 ish so it’s been 8 years now. Since that’s what they do work or that they play with the night yeah and I’m very happy to join your very intriguing conversation Ciena What school do you go to an issue of Michigan State University kind of like in the sister lab a fairy like Hosain is working on you know really a system that you like sisters got it got it.


OK So on a few ha sorry go ahead I’m interrupting no not so segment at the discussions that we are going to have today into 5 areas that I thought would interest people they say tough industry video games and their effect on human specially human brain and social aspects of video games because the stigma that like the lonely videogame or his that basement is gone video games are very social activity nowadays and also this a tough female video game players and breaking down gender barriers I’m not the best person to talk about this because I’m not a female videogame player but I have like a link that would help people be free that So Also e Sports and the future of sports video games or tissue video games and also we do games on arts because there’s a huge debate of like are bigger games art or not so yeah I think so before we start I would like you to get introduced to our fantastic regular. Analyst’s I’m going to have a lesser law currently based in Germany I’m working here on the future of my group work I’m Michael Curry So I’m in Bangkok and I’m trying to get drones flying around in the city here that’s my business and we’ll see if it works and they might walk in and spin check with my finger.

On it but I will my name is so I went there and I am a freelance sign language interpreter working in the shadow and I probably team you know so much as a defense mechanism because with the exception of the to conquer a thing it probably be me or anybody OK. Thank you thank you for people who have hidden talents you know you don’t know until you try.

And my name is Jose inclining another electrical engineering Fiesta shouldn unless you and I know the scene are from is down to Cherokee very started doing Masters together and we were in the same laboratory in Turkey and was this universe. Here there’s a very fine story oh I was if you know that I get the privilege to be the host and explain things more thoroughly so I’m going to take any advantage I can of that so when we were in film of 30.

You see the universe was like why don’t you go ahead and share the package I’m using for the dollars and it’s so expensive Why don’t you if I think this is cool so that we expensed and he said well I have a 5 to 10 universities I don’t know all right he did it and then cruising.

Pushes OK.

So with all due respect to the Spartans I mean he wasn’t on top of his list that’s true.

And you got to accept that I am a few along with University of Waterloo in Canada said 2 out of 1011 of his up occasions and then he can too i miss you and I. I got rejected and next year when I was traveling in the U.S. You know I was like why don’t you come here with me I was in Chicago at the time who knows they are right and he said you don’t want my advisor is looking for a student you want to meet with him I met with him and then we like each other and I got accepted a year after and there would be camera lap me so pretty inspiring story foremost and I always want to share I’ve been there’s an encounter with you know I can’t believe seem to use you didn’t accept Waterloo you rejected Waterloo in favor of M.S. you want to lose the MIT of the North in my album meter I can’t believe this this is terrible and you’re going to say this is.

Is that true I actually don’t know really that was you know it is it is you should feel terrible pains of regret and other staff you know oh my god.

Now I have a good advice you know that Miss you he looks after us so you know that was my biggest reason why I came here Fair enough.

So hostile Let’s get to the yeah good things to see now please go ahead and let us know how do you get started in the media games more thought you said 2010 what happened and had to get in well I usually it wasn’t the strongest kid on the block something out in front of a my life story so I wasn’t good at physical activities like my peers were so I didn’t usually go out there much I prefer to stay home and video games are a very good way for me to explore you know immerse myself and that’s one of the greatest features of with your games it’s immersion and it’s gratification half fantasies you know like everybody has like a power of fantasy you know everybody’s like what you play was the strong and I could do it like this thing and that I think well you know a video game is a good way you know this is like from a personal point of view. It could be debated obviously especially with like more influential people but for me at least it quite as aspect of the games is that they grant you your fantasies you wish for power then you know your grant it would however and you get to deal with the consequences which is like very awesome I fell off the radar as a bit until 2010 and my council was like very old my parents refused to me new council because I have to be the they to 1st analogy you know it wouldn’t be surprising if you find me like playing video games straight for 8 hours so they were ready for so that’s kind of makes sense until 2010 when I started like being more independent and like getting my own systems than you know like started playing again at 1st I only played offline games I did then surely there are but any other thing but then I started playing like accidentally playing Fortress 2 which is an online video game and it’s very competitive fairly competitive and it kind of granted me something I never had which was this or team mentality I realize that I’m a very competitive person but because I was never good at sports because you know I couldn’t run as fast and do the things other people and you have we don’t care it’s kind of granted me that the the rush of as you know the in competing against other people in a fairy wire events and that I would say hooked me up to its online competitive video games a lot more and I never stopped ever playing honestly I have learned a lot of good life lessons from one company to the games because there’s something about competing and that being be curious against other people that everybody I think should experience in their lives the strategizing day Bill it’s used to control the situation off the cuff the billet you to have like a general overview of what’s happening to events that happening around you these are very key. That’s a risk that you have to have in order to be good at special business you know if you’re patient and a lot of stuff and I’m very grateful to video games because they granted me that I would like to order our panelists that ask when was the last time they played every new game and why was that and running from Daniel so actually we have one of these we towers that are actually not for the consumer market for like stores so I don’t know how we will respond with one of these here and that’s where I played my own cart I think 2 times and I was also the only 2 times and never played a video game last year and the other game I played mixed this was Congress’ right 1.6 and that was like totally my thing and I also sometimes played with my cousins who played all kinds of you were virgins and variants of it I always only played the old version do it now answer site from point 6 was that the stuff and I’m not completely agree yet sometimes usually during Christmas you know with my family my cousins other than we suddenly start playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and we do it like 3 nights in a row until it by the AM and basically comes over I think Daniel Craig input kind of a strike and my a card MICHAEL CAREY Why don’t think go ahead and light a lot with your past experience and the most recent the last game I played was slithered dot Hio riches fairy addictive and I’m an addict that was 2 weeks ago I managed to block it for most of my computers but I found a way to and block it 2 weeks ago and I played it for an hour it’s a I think we’re going to let me guess or yeah I should say it’s like a javascript game that was apparently hacked together by this guy kind of based on like Agard IO which is like a massive multiplayer 2 dimensional game where you’re just like some snakes slithering around the screen and if you run into another snake then you die so the goal is to get other snakes to run into you and it’s very very very directed it’s got a lot of shiny things in the game like nice colors. And stuff and it just it’s very very fast paced and exciting it has just the right mix of like exciting and flashy color is just totally tweak my what is it addiction impulse or is that sense of gratification instant gratification and so I want to just play it again right you you die and you are that you play immediately restart the game and play again and play again and play again and then before you know it it’s 4 in the morning in your big trouble.

Thank you you know if I slipped at 4 am.

If you understand it but that was preparation for this podcast you could totally justified for at least last night a proud history lesson here of banks that gets us to a very important aspect of winning a game which is addiction which is one of the aspects that has the one of the highest con senses that man sanction says one of the side effects out of video games so how about you might you know.

I 1st met your game was. Sober and now which I am much more sentimental about that my last game of Mario Kart which was a month or 2 ago that was my last experience but they both feature the same character that’s cool. Always called got away. Actually for my 1st to do it was on a Game Boy that was extremely cool.

Game in the last thing after years of years and 2 of the games today the sun and the moon are the most in the least of the top 20 selling things and it was his pocket want a video game I thought it was like a set of plush toys but I missed that it’s a franchise so it’s sort of fit that the poster monk or to ever Michael a little that it had a good story less choice that some people. Are forgetting and it became plain.

Like no we. Radio games and a lot of toys and more toys and then now they’re like a whole franchise ever gotten OK. So to my experience I certainly have when I was in elementary school with our 1st computer Pentium 2 I 35.

96 I was 1st to go to and then I got a lot of inspiration from the game edge of empires come and go the strategy games and then to 1st person shooter with strong stories like Max Payne I love like.

A good days and then it came down to high school which we used to go out with my friends I was a very fresh experience because in the past I only played offline with sharing my status by and again we want to friends with in high school we started the multiplayer games we would go to gang that. In turn a coffee shop then many of the youth organize events and go and 10 by 10 play for months and years and grow rankings and so on and that was place right exactly playing on land and Mary influential in a lot of friendships we develop in our high school years and I really appreciate that side of the video games he has with the position of the Ayatollah’s video games is it’s like dancing they don’t like it or it didn’t matter but I never I don’t think they ever bothered with it because it wasn’t like a threat to them I don’t know if this is happening and probably because they thought it was like a hazard but I guess that’s not cultural They hate.

The whole different story they just hate everything that’s fun so I guess videogames is one of but unfortunately because the reunion markets are closed to international payments you can’t literally buy it with you again you are one of the biggest issue that you can buy rather than pay for them so often games almost come to illegal means through locals sellers you know they’ve already cracked versions of with you a game sort of very cheap and you can stop people buying the CD from a random shot so unfortunate. Lots of gamers in Iran but they don’t really pay for that we do games which is if I was a dictator I would distribute video games to all my citizens because people that have video games would be distracted in addicted and much less inclined to organize and try to form a revolution and kick me out of power I don’t believe you could do that developing them bitches like me but the opiate of the masses is yeah either actual opium or it could be you know just a video game and it is you were pointing out it’s life lessons maybe you’re learning something so your citizens are sort of vaguely productive they’re like rehearsing the skills that you would need to be productive at the office anyway I’m to really make conversation hostile yes to raise a good point you’re on the market is disconnected from the wall in the sense that we don’t actually have the same distribution network as it’s usually known in that wall so everything comes to cracking system so that means they can really think through the authoritarian regime I would say that’s a good point Michael you raised that they’re not inherently against media games and here in there they try to have certain games but because of the nature of its abuse then that is on the ground internationally there’s no way to control either so they don’t have means of control of its distribution which is being down with a torrent like websites and always happy and now such as that most.

Players don’t involve any gays in online gaming which is usually a feature of the games that once you crack and have access to get outside of Yes that’s absolutely true and also they have like a very archaic view of late again if you like it’s like something that certain year olds play which we shouldn’t really concern ourselves with which brings me to my 1st point which surprisingly a lot of people are wrong about the demographics that play videogames according to the yes a report that I shared with you devilishly. We’ll give you a game player age is 37 and the average male video game player age is 33 which is very important numbers because this is like a generational think the 33 year old sold all to people who 1st embraced video games and the 1st wave of a bigger games in 97 games like Donkey Kong games like Mario games Nintendo games then they 1st generation of Playstation it’s most often kept on playing until now so they’re like they’re on our age 3357 it’s funny because the average female video game player is $37.00 and that’s because a huge demographic of video game players are 50 plus years old female game players which is it very interesting statistic but what games are they playing like are they playing like Farmville on their phones or are they playing like shoot him play again yes yes that’s the thing radio games also like more ball games games that you have on a far considered video game so that’s one of the things I said you know take these with a grain of salt they also consider like mobile games began to shoot so you have to adjust your view of the game 4 days to 6 to make sense but yes yes a lot of older ladies are playing mobile video games which are legit considered media games even though if they’re not as engaging as let’s say or watch or counterstrike there’s still a very good majority that does that but isn’t gauging free mean I mean maybe it’s just gauging on a different. Measure right yes yes definitely definitely for shooting a terrorist you’re just you know planting a tree so it seems like inept that’s true so yes that’s a very interesting it’s a 6 that still gets me but of course you know it says 41 percent of us video game players are women which is these whole the statistics is very important to me because it shows a contrast between the perception of videogames that people have which is like yeah it’s like some 13 year old kid in his mom’s based. Men playing video games but the average play game is they you know are on thirty’s and almost 50 percent of them are women so the demographics are changing and we should probably change either of us of who actually plays video games yes I also noticed that a quarter of the gamers of 15 years have asked for anything yet if your perspective towards the Wii of the technology of she you came to marry me again started before the Internet got popular or so and the Internet.

On online gaming month.

And then mutual reality meets the Monday morning Daveed that you experience the games what are your thoughts on the future and to give them another look like in 50 years from now in very good question this is coming from the electic coming junior more time to video game player but the technology is that you have 4 C.P.U. species thank you computer central processing system is that actually there is still a lot to go on but you know we are reaching some hard limits but on the other hand graphic cards are especially because of the miners you know between miners and they booming video game industry and the fact that technologically carries a lot more to be done in the field of graphic cards graphic cards are a booming industry right now and their performance is predicted to even be like the rate that they had bands you know in Derry process for a minute and you know their performance is predicted to I’m not sure about the numbers but it’s definitely more than them would love so it’s really advancing fast and because enough that there is the chance for regular games to have a higher quality for cake realty suites very natural effects as if you like look at the latest games that are coming out for example the new Far Cry.

Fan. Yes in 80 the chunk goes like you could see the individual leaves just like going on the trees it’s just fascinating and it’s not going to stop it’s all for Trey and it’s going to advance very fast and under either side there is the emerging market that we are as you mentioned and we are is definitely 50 in its infancy there are a lot of good to utilities that you could use for RE are for example the new H D C voluble are closely if they are very good tools so the programmers have almost proper tools because we are takes a lot of graphic G.P.U. processing power so we almost have very good graphics cards so it’s up to the new wave of programmers and engineers to integrate these 2 to make fascinating experiences and free are unlike the other like classical video games is a kind of activity that he’s engaging to everybody from 60 plus year old a little leash to 5 year old hits everybody has some think they could find very engaging in we are Adam’s different feet that’s going to be one of the biggest avenues a figure game industry will be forward but it’s still in infancy there is a lot to be done and I don’t know if you guys have played B.R. games or not str pretty good but they have a lot of room for improvement who’s used V R in this room right now Sara I actually happened to enjoy an experience between the our friends in Chicago there is a bit in the pitch and they have rules prepared to do it with if it’s all black small period there in the nest and you go any you can go up for people and one by one used to it’s you can see your friend and wearing them we are heads that we actually show me as much fun to see a friend to me our head because there’s a larger screen on the site to see what their appearance hanging there. Hence and their confusion at times and interesting way it happened 2 times for Sarah and I both that it got summer they got so it’s scary when an animal attacks or there was a bee that I serve you both actually happened to he think age each catch their heads because he was so overwhelming we couldn’t keep playing them with trading addicts especially P.R. is a very interesting subject because it’s not just regular games it’s like it this is more about be are now and then more about we do games but we are has way more to offer than video games can that’s kind of distinguishes it from radio games because for example one of my favorite content creators this just and Roylance one of the cool creators of recount 40 she sometimes has these podcast slash stand up comedy sessions that are in the are so he’s on a scene in V R And if you want to join his program you will luck in you reach your own via headsets go to his virtual When you bitches that stand up comedy then you you sit down at the tables and watch him perform wheats other people that crossed of worlds and this is just fascinating to me but this is advice that this is more about the art and unfortunately only like 15 to 1000 percent of current the our users use it to socialize with others virtually But it’s definitely cancer and that’s happening and it’s just fascinating to me I wanted to just make a comment as I was asking so if anyone else tried V.R. and I happen to own an ocular rift I was very excited to get one not because I want to play video games or because I wanted to replace my monitor I wanted to get like a huge virtual screen and do all my work from that screen so I bought an Oculus it turns out the resolution just isn’t high enough for that like maybe the next generation will be but when you look at the screen it exhibits the screen door effect in the pixels are. Hard to make out but I did of course get a chance to play some games and it turns out basically that I use the arc it was for a while and then kind of put it away and I haven’t used it in like over a year and instead I prefer to like play chess on my phone or slither on my my browser I feel like the what is the game so when one of the links you gave us ina Jane McGonigal she wrote a game is an opportunity to focus our energy with relentless optimism at something we’re good at or getting better at and enjoy in other words gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression in my point here is that those properties can be enjoyed in extremely low fidelity like the fact that we have V.R. and graphics cards like you’re talking about going past Moore’s Law doesn’t diminish the simple pleasure of playing Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers or even Tetris like it just I think what we need as humans to enjoy a game is not fancy graphics but like just the simple I call it addiction it sounds bad but just you know the simple like feedback response you get from games that distinguishes it from a passive entertainment like movies and I think that’s what makes games just so awesome is they really wire into the brain the fact that you said that it’s actually very true like if you look at the USA on page 665 percent of U.S. households are at least they have one person who placed on what was a video games probably wellnigh compression after households had personal computers but if you’re wrong person type them as 60 used smart phones so smart phones are where you know who he has your set but they are one often will most common devices of regular gamey and industrial right now and they have one of the highest revenues actually revenue per device or review market revenue market Yes I don’t find out the statistic but it’s almost I don’t want to say just a random number can’t find that but it was a high percentage of review again revenues like the. Very considerably higher percentage of video game driven user from robot markets and not from a AAA You know like Call of Duty titles which is the very interesting to me that’s a great no fidelity can be very desirable by the user saw how I. Can mean it is very important because using an ocular with can be exhausting and time after 15 minutes at me and it’s a lot of strain on your eyes than our bodies are not simply evolved into a few ads to address all that conflict while enjoying the game what are your thoughts about the improvements that be our technology can have in the future to make you want me to sprint on up someplace this thing says that physical parts have to technology which is you can use we our heads that consistently most people feel like it is in this thanks after a while refusing to be our headsets because you know it’s still like a very short environment but you are physically in a physical environment and it kind of throws up your brain if it caused it were causing or a bunch of fakes I’ve heard that the new devices are fame or that you could use them for 6 hours straight without having to use if they so that’s a plus but the other issue that you have is because we are not good for you are like professional takes a lot of processing power but unfortunately because of Bitcoin miners prices of graphic cars have increased almost 200 percent you know last years the same post you have a good car but the prices double now because miners keep mining and it’s kind of throwing up the market F.F.A. Scott it’s very expensive to on the radio computer and headsets but that thinks that a lot of older people are coming into the our market like Play Station this is releasing to on the odds that you could have like a low fertility the our headset that you have a spot for so even though that’s then you know. Isn’t it blocked but there are other avenues of expanding and are trying to bring the art to the everyday user very low quality low fidelity dealers are under Rice right now hopefully if any investment Facebook that quiet it’s going to change the air in the affairs from area.

For all. Future So it’s very important to go talk about Forte’s with their hand with being up behind it is it OK if I ask them a question of our kind of the last topic I like technologies new realities if they actually have seen a human should use the storybook particularly your story with video games saying that you didn’t feel like you were the fit as among your peers in terms of like physical exercise or competitiveness in that sense and I wonder how that plays into the development of basically the merging of reality and games for example what I think would be cool you know if you like look at all men a drill early or makes reality rational really that you can kind of completely get into like completely you are ideas of gaming that include like heavy the physical exercise maybe for example is that something that you think is inherently excluded from like a large part of the game as marketing that will be like different segments of the market only you think that’s actually something that could become mainstream or how be these distinguish again the video game market is very very diverse so even not currently there are a lot of video games as rely on physical activity especially most of the Nintendo and I mean the intended games are like Dance Dance Revolution games but yes there is definitely an aspect of physical activity that is missing from current media games and going into future I don’t think this is going to change there are going to always be games that you know don’t rely on pure physical abilities but that doesn’t mean that the market on to games as your choir physical ability is not going to grow it’s actually the reverse because it’s expanding markets it already have the stablish you. No the market within which you know kids don’t usually do a lot of activity they just say home play but if you want to expand the market you have to reach the audience which will be more physical people I’m pretty sure in future there are going to be gazed emerging that have they know that there are already a lot of cool V.R. gadgets that let you run on a stationary treadmill you know Crouch to a lot of physical activities and this is the efforts are going to be one of the areas that the market 10 expense and it’s going to expand because you know it’s a booming in the city I don’t think if there’s a black or fans out there of. White House.

Involved in testing of a new beyond Europe that sort of repeats and since you’re involved at the crankshaft has a man that’s on this headset and it’s eating his natural responses and sort of trying to figure out what scarce at most so they can ask real out of am. I bring this up not only because it’s an amazing episode but because I think about the recent blow up with Facebook a state of being released I’m wondering how that outer east of the article action where we’re trying to enhance P.R. and make it more cater to them and also how young might be excellent data collection tool in general you see that being something that could be a boon to other Arment. What are your thoughts on this is not something scientists either for me and like a video game or say the for me but definitely. Is collecting sound is collecting spatial data is collecting old data to process where you’re looking at a lot of stuff is reliant on your spatial data so I guess that could be used in Somehow I’m not sure the qualify to answer this question because I don’t know what are the privacy agreements that you signed when you’re playing a video game if the privacy settings are that you have you could use your data then you know they’ll defer to use that but. If there is like a privacy agreement that yeah you’re not going to use your data in that our database you’re not going to store it you’re not going to sell it then you should be fine I would assume without also having met them without even taking out a pretty nice but I would assume that they want to use all data on that they can to improve the experience for the user and I guess that will also include a lot of personal data because I don’t know one thing in the future will be this year and you’re going to give us more personalized and then if you have you are and you have more sensors on yourself and then they may lessen certain things trigger certain movements in your body that you might know you’d be aware of I think they’ll be an interesting field for data acquisition this comes to the law aspect of it so it’s fantastic that they’re using your personal data to improve your experience it becomes troublesome lend they give your data way to it like ambers and I think are like any other company have you got your consent or without you knowing what’s actually happening today to if there are transparent companies that are like OK you’re not going to sell your data if you really could sue us you should be fine the private people the way that’s different I would like to have a go over east or it’s an experience that is an overwatch Where And please also make sure you mention of your own personal ranking and how their rank or it’s in the wall.

Well a kit Let’s talk about the sports e-sports is there really industry that’s happening right now and it’s in its infancy but OK It’s like this it’s a market it’s people thing has the potential to go there and because if that people are flowing a lot off funds into this industry for example a lot of top e-sports teams are being bought by big a sporting companies that are branding to each force teams as their own so there is a lot of potential in this market. And it’s definitely going to catch on because it has a lot of space to grow even within the video gaming demographic but the real question is once we have reached the people that we can be into every game demographic were to go from that can we convince casual non videogame plea people to invest or to at least get interested in made against and that’s well depends on the marketing It depends on a lot of factors it depends on the video games are understandable to the casual viewers but the fact is that this industry has a lot of space to grow even reading the casual nonbeing you came to a place sample N.B.A. has recently announced that it’s taking a major over partnership with Take 2 Interactive which is the people who make N.B.A. video games and they are going to have like a parallel radio game and be able to lead the normal N.B.A. which is pretty awesome and now so there’s still a lot going on because the 2nd sporting game people can understand it be easier and we can do every day we’re giving this 3 days a lot of growth for example there are a lot of leagues that are emerging to latest one is over what sleek rich here millions of dollars of price pulls for example in case of or a watch we defer sed you know go Ishall Rico or watch league which is like him global league of video games a global league for overwatch I think too often they don’t remember an exact number from the different cities across the world it had 10000000 views which is already a.

Baseball League so Darrius a lot of space to grow and that’s why I basically like slapstick.

I was one of the 1st e-sports participants I’m going to say because when I was 6 years old my neighbor was also 6 years old I would go to his basement and watch him play a Super Mario Brothers and I would generally not be. I would just watch and that was mostly because he would let me play but nevertheless I ended up watching and I actually enjoyed it like I actually didn’t mind and I think there is for the very same reason that millions of people watch hundreds of hours a year of baseball football any number of organized sports because it’s kind of fun there’s a tension in the game is someone going to score they’re not going to score even though essentially every minute of that game is the same as every other minute in terms of what the content looks like the satisfying is of it is not it’s novelty but it’s the tension that’s generated by the unpredictable outcome and the fact that you’re sort of on tenterhooks just waiting to see what’s going to happen and that again kind of triggers that thing in your brain that makes you interested in watching it and video games can be just like that in fact even better because they can create far more interesting situations and complicated scenarios that you don’t get in like baseball or hockey where it’s sure it’s human being so there’s some interesting complications you get from that but you know games can get way more fantastical and way more interesting a scene as you say that they can be somewhat understandable to casual viewer it’s perfectly reasonable to suspect that in the future they will if not replace professional sports they will at least become as popular or more popular than professional sports and that’s a pretty wild prediction even today right because sports are like one of the biggest industries in entertainment in the world but I can totally see that being replaced by video games that’s my opinion that is true and there is emerging growth emerging that say have you guys heard about which Sherri had 2 inch up so which is streaming service that you know you play a video game your stream your Sometimes your face but the video game I mean a video game but sometimes with your face people come and watch if they wish they could give you up you know whatever dollars they could subscribe and like hey you know a month. Cheaper go I’m. Content creator so it’s basically what you said and to give you an idea of how of picked this website this in 2014 only 3 years after it was founded Twitch was bought by Amazon for 9 $117000000.00 So that’s almost a $1000000000.00 each means it’s a huge business and snuff only that no twitch has become the foundation for a lot of e Sports So a lot of the sports least cresent early on twitch and people can interact with the league for example one of the business model of or watch league is that you go and watch it on Twitter or some other services you cheer for your team you can donate to your team by buying stickers that have your team’s name on it and that using it into a chat which is like a feature after each that you know you could see people chatting about a game happening right now and came over which leaked recently every game that starts at like 5 pm and that like 12 pm It has an average viewing of 120000 people live just on twitch which is just one platform they have other platforms that they also like present their stuff on and they have a lot of sponsors ranging from Intel to sour patch kids to you know a lot of stuff but that’s also another issue with you know professional sports events have which is their sponsorship their sponsorship is on fortunately limited to it or you know stuff like sour patch or like you know Mountain Dew you know bitch that gamers drink with each when they’re playing or it’s like computer accessories like razor Intel daily haven’t expand the into I don’t know like Toyota I guess not good has also contributed to over us but you know what I mean like their sponsorship is of limited true some specific areas and if they want to expand they need to be able to tap into other sponsorship areas but yet for example I don’t like Bank of America or something but then again. It’s not really feasible so this is like a issue that the you know the market has to solve because why would Bank of America even sponsor so that’s like some issues that need to be solved but that’s the whole should be a question yes I wanted to come sportsmen in sports and in most games that are played in stadiums.

You get from their supporters and the audience is very very important in the way they have them and the abductor that they get from their supporters but I haven’t observed such to get back from the supporters have you experienced or have you noticed any technological class.

Or phenomena that people will see the shooter I think there is a room in there invite small people that sit behind the computers like actual physical people and they somehow try to way to fame Fedelma but I imagine that the players are so caught up in their screen their heads if you chuck sure that they don’t actually interact with the audience much so that men can just I think the way that I see so you want to say like a tearing sports like the players to interact with their audience but I don’t think what you like explains your question again for example the WHO way that the supporters in the largest state of affairs a soccer game are getting a lot of applauds and support from the porters that they’re just sitting there and watching and making noise is there such a mechanism in the video game players that are mostly radio against especially like the sports with the sports radio games are usually like the big ones that these are played in stadiums or are played reach lot of spectators Trust me those level spectators are out if you want to good example on the big or eventually fan so most of my examples come from that. If you’ve watched any session A for what Sheikh there is like a lot of people presenting that they knew that the players are playing so the players are playing facing the crowd and they can see the crowd and the crowd always goes wild they have a lot of size to cosplay they go there to cheer the allowed and whenever like some big play happens they scream their heads off so yes there’s still speak to it as well also another the visual element of it which is on twits or like on similar websites when people are viewing this sports you know that you sport could have like a life chat or not I’ve read it discussion threads or not Twitter discussion threats those threats also go wild suspicious which is just like constant the like spamming people cheering for their team in a chat which is a very interesting and if that same likes performs bad the fans get mad you know you see more like angry like Emo it’s been good to like something amazing everybody goes wild but unfortunately there is the downside because just like in China an anonymous like a lot of people are also terrible people so they also have a lot of you know issues but that it’s actually even up to be an admission and that’s one question because I have very very little understanding about the whole e-sports How is it in terms of you know like there’s 2 types of video games I would say though that one is we basically have play by yourself against like some intelligence or something you know and the other probably more recent one through the Internet is that players play against each other and both have their own kind of addicting factors and I feel like the same thing also happens in real work for example if you have 2 separate teams playing against each other you have you know like there’s so many things that could happen from both sides from each human on the few basic needs but there’s also maybe other games where for example like Olympic Games where you just think theoretically pagans he’s there but in the moment you just play against gravity for example if you do jumping or something how do. These compare on these boards isn’t only one type like the community type playing but it’s being used a lot and also in the future do you think because I mean we’ll see more and more intelligent machines so it might be interesting to go back to the former one how is it right now on how will it be what do you think very very good point I actually want to they pointed out to the people who are playing e-sports that’s their job that’s their business and to day 3 in a lot for example teams that are playing you know watch Lee for example my favorite team you see how close they train 6 days a week each day sometimes something beyond $6.00 to $8.00 hours a day of training and besides that they also do physical training because they want to stay responses to be as fast as possible so they do a lot of body building exercises they do a lot of physical they say because they want they need to be at their peak performance which also brings the whole issue of that the sports have if they drug abuse and stuff but that’s some other property vote because if that you know people and because that we do a game itself the character that you’re playing doesn’t have physical limits you have a set speech you can’t go faster than that’s the 2 can go slower than that’s so because off that it creates this dynamic that your character is always personal name performing at the constant level so it’s not like you know if you press hard that you’re like run faster I think like in a normal Olympic sport for example you reckon the content $100.00 metre run you know if you like run faster you’ll win it’s not like that it’s the all the characters have same amounts of skill so if it’s against an AI these cads the players they always find the mathematical The best solution to beat a player versus AI is not as engaging the most engaging one is human versus human so it’s all about the mental games communication between team mates the response time response time is I would say the most YOU MATTER OF ALL and. Response times needs to being like within milli seconds so if you see someone if they see you whoever has the fastest reaction usually wins so that’s the only human factor involved in that physical human factor but the rest it’s all pure mathematics so who has the higher hand who has the better ability uses economy who has that this positioning who has that this communication and target focusing and there’s a lot of other elements that are involved but usually the physical elements to something that’s only it is limited by human physical abilities only usually action types and staying calm so the psychological sides of it any thoughts also about the games that are being down the ward that quads and that ranking 5th them I find it very fascinating how it works and how the other online players and get a chance to ever play be difficult Fish and Game and sharks are yes usually review games for example the games they call a few T.V. it’s not tailored to be you sports ready there’s this term called East for street the rich nice if a game sports really it means that the game is fair and balanced in terms of hero abilities in terms of the maps in terms of the game design so if 2 teams are competing against each other the chances of it’s not like it doesn’t have a hit defend their record often they’re biased Also if the teams have the same chestnut winning the game that’s called is sport being gay sports ready What was your question Can I Can the for the sorry about the clubs and of war.

And not all of the games are you sports are you but they games that you’re in a sports city they usually have competitive molds which you know you couldn’t Pete then you have a rank it’s usually like at these in orbits it’s the lowest rank is bronze It’s silver and gold stamped flat in the diamond master grandmaster and top 500 so top 500 is the top 500 people. Index regions which is usually the regions are usually this America which is like North and South America Europe Asia Pacific and sometimes some other areas are added but it’s usually like these areas so if you want to be able to attend and or at the flick get closer to the level of these kids that play e-sports you need to at these be in the tub 100 people in your region and how you’re selected to play in the tournament is that once you hit like a good level like that you get to form especially an overwatch League talking with a snake now you get to either unlike the teams kind us quotes you out and they ask you to like join them because you have a good famous player in your region or you could form your own cine go to them I nearly and there’s like minor leagues and there’s the Major League which is the Overwatch the it’s called the contenders league you compete in the connectors league if your team does well then you have a chance of that either like rank going up getting bunch that your whole team into the major leagues or dead major league teams scoping you out on like you know asking you to join them but even with that that the major league players also play ranked because they want to be connected with the community they also do Diskin for fun so when they do get a game for fun day you should do it’s online in the ranks system so there is chances of if you like top $500.00 there are chances that you’ll bump into one of the pro players but if you’re not that high level you probably won’t be able to play against them because they’ll rake you been if you play against them I’ve seen some professional gamers and found time to get paid think figures in the U.S. Africa so I’m not at the sense is San Francisco a shock in overwatch Lee They put this kid this as another think gamers take over if their persona for example you see like my name is seen up questions out but my persona is night so I don’t you know that’s my online persona in right. Stuff the games I cope like that name and in the league all the players go by their personas for example diskette J. His name is Sinatra and overwatch me she signed into San Francisco a shock when she was 17 but he should have been 18 to be able to play so he couldn’t even play for half of them they signed him in for a $150.00 K. a year which is massive number but that’s not it you could even go higher than that there is no salary cap in this week so he could well have been higher but that’s the starting salary for Sinatra just like the media gaming as a source of income for the Youth Insearch UK at its heart it’s not easy you have to make dedicate yourself to the game as I say if he’s kids they train 6 to 8 hours a day 6 days a week so it’s not easy and even if you put that much time into it there is this whole concept that some people are just not fast enough they’re not built for a line competitive video games even if you like amount of effort that other people put you may not be as good as them because you know you’re not good in that area in her if they like a biological level so if you’re really passionate go for it but it’s not that it’s risky because it’s like a gladiator combat you know not everybody survives for combat even though it once was sort of get Old Glory So you know if you’re really passionate go for it but if you’re just looking at it as a source of revenue that’s not for you want to be the check to think about is for sure that it will be something that will be a round or at these times like it because it’s not like a job that will be automated or something because it moves from the human factor however Yeah it’s something that if you like with many competitive sports and there’s a long tail you know like you need to make it among the top performing to actually make a living out of it and then additionally as you said it’s like an idiot or 5 probably And like every 2 or 3 years they change your equipment I guess you know like the same games are on forever Besides kind of STRIVE 1.6 That’s the way to go like how to because yeah yeah. Everyone has played them a game think over the League of Legends don’t talk to the east force or if you games they stay the same because you know players have to adapt to the system so you don’t want to keep changing the system so if they said like don’t talk to has been like minor changes they haven’t had to touch 3 like 10 years now so no no they’re not changing they’re here to stay even Hunter Stryker has been the same game for the last 3 years.

So partly recall mendable choice. And also another thing the social aspect to leading the games as us that you know the off that that you know the lonely videogame player is a lot of talk people these days actually play video games for socializing for example I have a lot of friends here in America because you know it’s a massive country like there are like spread all over the place to all evade that these days you could interact with one another is playing for example was sixty’s together and that’s how you’re staying in touch because that’s a group activity that we do together and it’s that every time he controls our friendship you know we stay in contact to talk to each other and this is not just that friend that’s happening with me a lot of video game players are like that and not just that because they also take when they’re shipped off their game so if foreign communities meet offline they do online activities together to form clans and like to managements and that clan all these activities drink P. pull out of social isolation so it’s like a blessing to a lot of people like the person one of the creators of or watch Jeff Kaplan she actually met his wife playing World of our craft which is like any other online video game and he’s not the only one I know lots of people who met each other in video games and like no metaphor to fell in love to marriage or you know they’re like best friends or whatever so it’s a new emerging social activity it’s a very interesting concept so there is a huge. Especially like recalling the games there’s a huge aspect of it that people usually tend to ignore ambitious like social interaction now that you say in actually from when I was in high school one of her teachers one of her math teachers actually met his wife playing I think well of Warcraft so pretty long time ago and such a static the current invention you know all that like people get together they do a college place they go to conventions they meet people at conventions you know it’s crazy it’s a very also wing society who fascinating can I make a suggestion we’ve talked a little bit about a future video game so I think a lot about the state of video games today can we ask this question to everybody in the room What’s something that people don’t currently believe but that you think the future will hold for video games Well I think it will be the case that currently people in a certainly believe as I think movies as we know them right now will cease to exist I think movies are basically wish fulfillment right now whether it’s for an audience of teenage boys or whether is teenage girls with the vampire movies and I think instead we’re going to get virtual reality or even better is a kind of interactive video game type holodeck type entertainment that will supplant the idea of passively watching a 2 dimensional movie I would say perhaps the greatest thing to go move forward with the beginning this year that not a lot of people believe in is actually the social aspect and it’s going to expense we are going to have communities that are just based on video games and a lot of people are going to get out their lives elation using with you again which is contrary to a lot of people’s belief that you know beat against the video isolating it’s actually turning out to be the exact opposite I think that a lying between B O games and other types of media and other types of technology we use from day to day or like when we want to have technologies and make our house or are just ways to like takes on cell phones that will start to develop into more of every day increasing reports will experience be a good. Might have to become increasingly interactive and psychologically is the answer to people you know is going to say a similar thing that we won’t have any like how to say boring times anymore we will just always like when you’re walking along the street you will always where you are a are mixed reality where so that basically when you walk the streets you always can like play some game while doing it or bet on something like a string between 2 like houses or something when you home and you can also socially meet other people because you will realize that they are playing the same game why they’re waiting in line and then you will. So Will social ever present on the present medium.

And then you’ll already covered some aspect I wanted to share that line between the lines which is the V.C.R. reality versus reality if you know I’d be there and fuck.

With the games that talk among go the Thames.

Scene and then I add this to Gratian of printed games.

Oh my God that’s actually devoted to biggest issues in video games this year but gonna go on because I just have a selection of 3 simply want to share with you guys and or your feedback and maybe not now later for action and that I think right now that March is a priest to climb to the ISIS for you to be defined by the battle between Perth bulls feathers and buyers which can be seen and think that platform as a platform like a video game that there are 2 teams battling against the emergence of course we can see that it can sit in 2 different play against each other and we have all these large populations follow these just like the soccer ball that we have today huge amounts of money goes to do things because. Well I should pay attention identity so we don’t think. In the future that each of these have their own it’s a question if he sent up their arses let’s say New York near a hesitance coin called New York point and you can call it the price of the coins can be defined by the amount of people who buy these points so if you’re a fan of Houston club you’re going to buy you have a $300.00 you’re going to exchange it into Houston club point and then that means you’re supporting that and there is a lot more people support that team the price because more people are going to buy and the price of that coin is going up and that can also fund their finances where says the centralized funding that we have today imagine a day that if you follow with soccer team a football team and a baseball team you have holdings on Koreans of each these teams which makes it the finances of the sports extremely essential as as the we have today so that’s the future I see the marriage between media again anchored to current needs as inevitable Krypto betting.

Yeah it’s something gets a look for emissions for the games out say you know unfortunately the video game I mean actually says right now people play video games are not the biggest fan of the currencies because crypto mining is the gal Ching the price of graphics cards and the micro transactions one of the biggest risks facing the industry is the micro sensations are driving the gains but yes what you said a bust a case for sounds like he’s going to currencies actually make a lot of sense.

Just a Fortunately I didn’t get to that calculus arts and video games this was really it was a pretty ambitious agenda.

I guess we could have talked a little more about the other cons but of course in the need to run off to dinner so anybody thought or do you want to do this as you. Your.

Posse got a closer start here thank you for you know for joining our podcast and sharing your burden here for having me straight for staying up to weigh.

In your thoughts. And. If you have clothing captions share with us I just want to ask if we want to hear more about you or your rankings on overwatch or anything else if you have a Twitter feed or anything that’s are usually ask of our guests please let us know right now all right well I’m currently in diamond you know watch I don’t get to play the game a lot because I’m doing like a challenge in the in research during the day I play whenever I can but I have an unfortunate night back from Pegasus Knights underlying site Donia 14 I think and my twitchers S. harsh measures which is way hard to spell hill beyond the link to where so yeah it’s just a sparse and. Just follow me on Twitter I usually follow a lot of overwatching you get other leaks so yeah I say to all rights thanks very much thank you for having me it was awesome.

Thanks Guys thanks see I was the group was a good topic I definitely do not think very often so it was cool to be doing that all right thank you thank you. For listening even though you couldn’t top the IP should you listening joining the ranks Michael all OK because I write right by.


Let’s make the future featuring the forces of the same party Michael. Michael.


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