About Let’s Make The Future

Welcome to Let’s Make The Future, the podcast discussing future trends, technologies, and their implications for human society. We are coming to you from all over the world.

Let’s Make The Future is hosted by a diverse group of people having one thing in common: an interest in making the future. We were founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley.

Regular Panelists

  • Michael Currie
  • Daniel Valenzuela
  • Michael Olorunninwo
  • Hossein Mazeri
  • Giuseppe Romano
  • Parnian Barekatain

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Show Format

Future Trend Discussion Topic

The group discusses and debates a future trend topic. Past topics have included the sharing economy, cryptocurrencies, arcologies, and robot spouses.

The Elevator Pitch Battle

Each person has 30 seconds (and a bit) to pitch their business idea. Then, there is a vote for the best idea.


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Facebook: facebook.com/LMTFpodcast

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