LMTF Podcast Episode 23: Video Games

Special guest Sina Parsnejad is an electrical engineering Ph.D. student at Michigan State University and a serious gamer. He joins the regular panelists to talk about future trends in video games: the huge potential of esports and the changing demographics of gamers. Recorded 08 April 2018. Image Credit: Helena Kristiansson | ESL | eslgaming.com Brought […]

LMTF Podcast Episode 21: Sleep

Recent discoveries in the science of sleep have introduced new techniques to help people feel more well-rested and have increased cognitive abilities. Dr.┬áBrandon┬áPeters, MD, author, and board-certified practitioner of sleep medicine summarizes the most recent developments and answers questions from our panel on matters such as sleep apnea and polyphasic sleep. Brought to you by […]