LMTF Podcast Episode 8: GDP 2.0

Measurable Metrics for a Better Society: GDP is fundamentally flawed as a measure of happiness. In this episode we discuss potential replacement measures. Recorded 16 July 2017. Links: https://happyplanetindex.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_National_Happiness Episode Machine Transcript (unedited and uncorrected) Let’s make the future. Good morning good morning good evening good afternoon thanks so much everybody. Do everything for […]

LMTF Podcast Episode 7: Robot Spouses

This week, we discuss the prospect of robot spouses. Recorded 2 July 2017. Links: Humans Marrying Robots? Experts Say It’s Really Coming Tessa Berenson, Fortune, 26 Dec 2016 Episode Machine Transcript (unedited and uncorrected) Let’s make the future. Oh. WAIT WHAT Oh yes hi yeah recording is on we get started. Let’s make the future a discussion […]

LMTF Podcast Episode 6: Arcologies

This week, we discuss the concept of arcologies: very densely populated, ecologically low-impact human habitats. Recorded 5 June 2017. Featuring a quote by Marshall T. Savage from The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps. Michael: Arcologies: high-tech living spaces that are mostly self-sufficient. They show how urban conditions could be improved while minimizing […]

LMTF Podcast Episode 4: Cryptocurrencies

Three friends discuss the latest trends in cryptocurrencies. Recorded 30 April 2017. In the news today: Segwit has just been activated for Litecoin. Segwit is a soft-fork ( a change to the protocol) that increases security while decreasing the chance of transaction malleability and at the same time it increases capacity. It was initially proposed for Bitcoin, […]